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Are you struggling with technical debt and an outdated platform? Do you wish to improve your services and overall quality? We’ll work hand-in-hand & listen to your needs, pains, and future goals to define the winning strategy for your platform.

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With us, you’ll benefit from

Latest tech & practices

The latest tech & innovative practices: Cloud technologies, DevOps, Agile, Automation, AI and more.

Straightforward planning

Straightforward planning, frequent releases, and faster-delivered feedback.

Full transparency

Full transparency, with access to the platform’s roadmap and budget.

Devoted professionals

Devoted professionals that will be just as passionate about your project as you are.

Top security

Top security and prompt support.

Team as a Service

Autonomous, multi-disciplinary teams with the right skill set and fully responsible for rapid solution development. 


Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Azure & AWS Specialists

Agile & DevOps Mindset

19+ Years Experience

Our Own Academy

Established Company Culture

Our values

Collaboration and trust

We are open, honest, and constructive with one another. The strongest contributions come from teams who collaborate and trust each other.


We are committed to delivering high-quality, end-to-end solutions, and products that everyone will make use of and enjoy. We put value into our software, successfully turning ideas and business objectives into reality.

Passion for what we do

We are passionate about technology, generating fresh insights, and delivering cutting-edge experiences. We are keen on self-improvement and we pursue quality in everything we do.

Respect and integrity

We act with integrity and we treat each other with fairness and respect. When in doubt, we choose the right way and not the easy way out.

Our services


Software Development

You’ll work with a capable, reliable, and Agile partner that will recreate your vision, while you can focus on the business.


Cloud Solutions

We’ve earned the highest standards of Microsoft’s widely-recognized partnership program, becoming Microsoft Partners – Gold Cloud Platform.


Ideation, Design & UX

By focusing on user experience to provide positive experiences and attitudes, you gain an essential competitive differentiator that will make you stand out.


Software Architecture

By integrating new and existing services, alongside our experienced and dedicated team, we’ll help you identify the best decisions for your business.



We’ve embraced the DevOps mindset which enables
us to innovate, be more adaptive, focus on speed, and quality to align with you and your business needs.


Quality Assurance

By incorporating Agile and Scrum-based workflows, we better mitigate risks, reduce time to market, and deal with changing requirements in an efficient manner.


Our clients come in all sizes, are from around the world and some have been with us for over a decade.

Once we started our collaboration, everything became more predictable, processes are finely defined, and we know what to expect and when. The quality is better, what is delivered is at a higher level and we feel at ease knowing we are in good hands. They are honest and straightforward about what works and what doesn’t, not just executing our vision but also guiding us and being as passionate about the project as we are.

Marcel Reuvers,
CC4ALL Managing Director

Artur Nowakowski,
Product Manager

Ever since we decided to collaborate with Expert Network, we felt we were in the right hands. They provided a hands-on approach to our needs, putting the right people on projects. Expert Network helped us become more efficient, save time, and focus on what drives business success. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Thierry Vermeiren,
Workero COO

Our collaboration with Expert Network is more than a decade long, and we’ve remained together from that day onward. One of the benefits of our partnership is that we have access to a pool of skill within the company: from front-end design, back-end devs to reliable and passionate individuals that provide guidance and a fresh perspective.

Tom Verstraete,
AutoDialog Project Manager

Meet the experts

A place where people grow, turning their passion into a career.

Work as an Expert

A flexible working environment where you will get the most value from our teams’ expertise, dedication, and forward-thinking approach.

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Work as an Intern

Internships on Full Stack .NET and QA, where we provide the means for interns to expand their skills and get accustomed to a real working-environment.

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Inside the Heart of Customer Intimacy: A Story of Proactive Partnership

Find out how Expert Network's commitment to customer intimacy elevates our client relationships, driving collaboration and satisfaction to new heights.

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A misaligned hire can have profound repercussions for clients whose projects may be directly affected. It can ruin team morale, impact costs, and more.

Nurturing Success: How Culture Drives Expert Network’s Journey

Once you establish your company’s culture, just as important is how your employees are aligned with it. Your company’s success will depend on how

48% of the company’s employees have more than 5 years of field experience.


Number of delivered projects: 120+


Number of employees: 100+


There are 10+ active teams


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