Inside the Heart of Customer Intimacy: A Story of Proactive Partnership

Find out how Expert Network's commitment to customer intimacy elevates our client relationships, driving collaboration and satisfaction to new heights.

Ideal candidate? Error 404 Profile not found

A misaligned hire can have profound repercussions for clients whose projects may be directly affected. It can ruin team morale, impact costs, and more. Find out our solutions and approach.

Nurturing Success: How Culture Drives Expert Network’s Journey

Once you establish your company’s culture, just as important is how your employees are aligned with it. Your company’s success will depend on how they embody your values and beliefs. Discover how.

Building a Strong Company Culture: Lessons from Expert Network

Expand your mindset and grow your business. In the dynamic world of business, success lies not only on robust strategies and innovative practices but also on fostering a positive and inclusive company culture.

How Cross-Platform Technologies Generate Growth and Success

Implementing cross-platform technologies has helped Expert Network reach further growth, improvement, and success. Find out more!

What 18 years of Expert Network mean to us

We’re coming of age and we're sharing some facts from before & now, a Q&A with our Experts and what our birthday means to us.

Native vs. Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: Our switch to Cross-Platform

Native and cross-platform application development has been a popular point of debate. How do they differ? Why did we make the switch to cross-platform frameworks? Find out.

Why We’ve been Focusing on a Growth Mindset

What change was accelerated during the pandemic? Why did we employ three new initiatives centered on our Experts? Have they helped? Discover how the past two years shaped us and what results we’ve enjoyed, read the full article..

17 Questions for 17 Years of Expert Network

How did we make it to 17 successful years? How did we survive the pandemic? How has Expert Network changed over the years? Discover the answers.

The Role and Impact of a Technical Discipline Lead

Are you a Tech Discipline Leader? Do you wish to understand the impact of this role? Find out our perspective.

Overcoming the Challenges of Front-end Technology Implementation

Front-end technologies are the magical set of tools or platforms used to develop the user interface (UI) of web applications and web pages. But what are the challenges and how to approach them?

A Guide to DevOps Security

What security challenges have emerged from our DevOps initiatives? What practices have we implemented to overcome security gaps or challenges without hindering the benefits of DevOps practices?

Advancing in DevOps with Cypress and Percy

Emerging development technologies in the software industry require more attention from those who contribute to the creation of products. How can we deliver qualitative products that meet customer needs?

Introducing New Technology to a Long-Running Project

The transition to new and more advanced technologies can be difficult, but the wins we’ve achieved with the introduction of ReactJS to the Carflow project outweigh the drawbacks. Discover our approach.

What You Didn’t Know about Agile and DevOps

Organizations are turning to Agile and DevOps methodologies, to drive organizational outcomes. We reveal what inspired our transition and our advice, which is based on our experience.

Agile and DevOps, the Game Changers that Drive Innovation

Why are they so popular and what value do they actually bring to organizations? Discover how they get end-products out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Significant Impact of CI/CD Pipelines with CC4ALL

Automation in the form of continuous integration, delivery, and development (CI/CD) has become increasingly popular. Find out why.

The Benefits and Challenges of Transitioning to Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

What does IaC really mean, and how has it had a positive impact on us and our customers? Discover our experience.

Why Customer Onboarding is Crucial and How We Do It

It’s particularly important to find an IT supplier and partner that you can collaborate with successfully. How can you identify the right and best-fit? We've done the research for you.

Promoting Flexibility, Scalability, and Efficiency with Microservice Architecture

What will add innovation and improvements for clients? We place importance on carefully analyzing and researching the needs and challenges of every business. Read more.

Two Solutions, One Way: Azure Devops Vs. TestRail

Before providing visionary solutions to others, sometimes it’s necessary to initiate a change within. That’s why our QA Lead, Andrei, decided to act, proposing a switch from TestRail to Azure DevOps.

Understanding the Value of a Product Owner

How crucial is a Product Owner to an organization? What are their duties, and how to measure their success? Learn more.

Why Is Iasi Viewed as the Silicon Valley of Europe

This article explains all the hype that surrounds Iasi, providing examples, and details for its consistent growth and point of interest.

Advance Your Business to the Next Level with Cloud Computing

Imagine that the headache of having to own your data center and company infrastructure is all in the past. Discover the impact and benefits of cloud computing with Expert Network.

How Voice Ordering Is Reshaping the Hospitality Industry

Blockchain technology has the potential to reshape the existing models. Companies that want to integrate it into their operations need to understand how it works and, more importantly, if it really works for their company. Discover how.

What Should Businesses Consider Before Adopting Blockchain

Blockchain technology has the potential to reshape the existing models. Companies that want to integrate it into their operations need to understand how it works and how it can improve their organization. Find out more.

Machine Learning and the Way Your Business Can Benefit from It

Machine learning has a tremendous impact on the way companies use data, offering them new analytics opportunities, no matter of size or field. Find out why companies need to integrate it into their operations.