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Professionals, fun, dedicated – we rely on the power of passionate people joined together for greatness.

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Our mission

We design and deliver valuable software solutions that drive our partners’ success stories.

Our vision

We work hard and smart to become the leading tech company where passionate people are empowered to innovate and achieve excellence.

Our values

Collaboration and trust

We are open, honest, and constructive with one another. The strongest contributions come from teams who collaborate and trust each other.


We are committed to delivering high-quality, end-to-end solutions, and products that everyone will make use of and enjoy. We put value into our software, successfully turning ideas and business objectives into reality.

Passion for what we do

We are passionate about technology, generating fresh insights, and delivering cutting-edge experiences. We are keen on self-improvement and we pursue quality in everything we do.

Respect and integrity

We act with integrity and we treat each other with fairness and respect. When in doubt, we choose the right way and not the easy way out.


High performance

It is the next step in our evolution that brings an upgraded work experience for everybody, fostering self-organizing high-performing teams.

Career path

Each person is allocated a mentor that will help them identify their core priorities, while empowering their core behaviours.

Internal trainings

The sessions are personalized and organized around our teammates’ needs and the tech requirements from each project.

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Our story


Expert Network is established as a small IT local business on .NET
Number of employees: 3


Expert Network becomes part of a European entrepreneurial group – Wildstream decides to become the major shareholder. 


Campus chapter 1 – We purchased the land and the building for our headquarters.


Started our involvement in the local community – Codecamp, JobShop


Expert Network Academy I – Our internal academy where we focused on soft skills & tech trainings.

Personal development plan was initiated.


PHP and QA disciplines started

First edition of .NET internships

Campus chapter 2 – We built a second building and our own open-air pool.

Continuous involvement in the community: FII Practic


Leadership team structure – Top management team was established in Romania.

Major change process started – We implemented a new business model: Team as a Service (TaaS).

Bamboo Delivery Model – a continuous delivery pipeline that offers transparency, flexibility, reliability, and scalability.

Agile and Scrum are introduced as official methodologies.


First edition of QA internships


Formalized our mission, vision and values

Continuous involvement in the community: FII IT-ist


Campus chapter 3 – We purchased a third building for our campus

Continuous feedback culture


Transition to DevOps Methodology

Wellbeing practices employed (mood-checks)

Culture of psychological safety – the basis of our high-performance approach

Transformational leadership style – fostered and measured


Expert Network Academy II – We began focusing on soft, leadership & tech skills.

We introduced the Growth Mindset approach.

Upgraded the Career Path


Performance Evaluation system introduced

Number of employees: 100+