Top provider of prevention, pension, assistance, and insurance solutions.


Baloise, Belgium 


January, 2016




Banking & Finance

One of the largest insurance organizations in Belgium, Baloise, created a simplified environment for insurance brokers and clients to efficiently and safely conduct their business. As a provider of prevention, pension, assistance, and insurance solutions, Baloise offers apps and tools that address the needs of insurance brokers.


The company wanted to optimize its organization and create the best conditions for independent brokers and clients, and this meant transitioning to digital. We put together a plan which included: determining their business and development needs, creating apps that would simplify and automate procedures, plus identifying and fixing bugs to make sure all online services and products work smoothly.


  • We designed the appropriate software for insurance-based activities.
  • We digitized their services and integrated technology into their processes and products.
  • We went the extra mile by creating a Gap Analysis – a clear and easy-to-follow procedure that always notifies the client, keeping us in close agreement.
  • We became IT advisors, paving their way for the Agile transformation.
  • We used automation for various processes and to maintain them bug-free.


Over the years, the platform expanded along with its increasing adoption by an ever-larger number of users and brokers. 

  • The platform expanded significantly, increasing its adoption by an ever-larger number of users and brokers
  • We designed their popular application “Decenale”, useful for brokers to create offers and policies.
  • Customers enjoy a simplified, secure, online insurance process.
  • Users can compare different insurance policies online, gaining time and knowledge to make smart decisions.
  • We improved website functionality, transparency, and safety.
  • Baloise has increased its brand awareness and popularity.
  • Brokers are gaining competitive advantages by accessing leads more easily.


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