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Independer, Belgium


Aug, 2022 – ongoing



Insurance, Finance

In the dynamic landscape of finance, shines as a key player in the Belgian insurance market, embodying transparency and fairness. They offer a digital platform that seamlessly compares insurance plans, telecom, and energy providers, to empower users to make well-informed decisions with unparalleled ease, clarity, and support. 


Thriving in the ever-changing insurance sector presented with challenges inherent to the rapid evolution of insurance providers and policies. Despite a robust and advanced tech stack, it became evident that the system handed over to us was over-engineered, causing delays, high costs, and hindering business development. Addressing the need for scalability in customer support also emerged as a crucial aspect.


  • Smooth Handover: We successfully took over a project developed with all the modern and popular software solutions like microservices, Kubernetes, helm charts, terraform, and fully automated CI/CD pipelines for deployment and infrastructure changes.
  • Streamlining the Tech Stack: Recognizing the imperative of adaptability, we simplified Independer’s tech stack with new features, aligning the platform with evolving business requirements.
  • Open Communication and Alignment: A collaborative approach was maintained through open and constant communication with the team, ensuring that every change seamlessly aligned with their organizational goals
  • Conversation Rate Optimization: We integrated new insurers, added new products, and enhanced the overall insurance flow.
  • Agile Development with DevOps Integration: Our Agile development team maintained DevOps practices, ensuring a smooth project delivery process and the flexibility to adapt to evolving project needs.
  • Introducing Email Automation: A game-changer for the platform was the implementation of email automation. We did this by integrating asynchronous communication between microservices with the help of RabbitMQ, significantly enhancing communication flow and providing invaluable insights into user behavior.
  • Robust Security: We maintained a high-security level based on the project requirements. (Snyk security reports).
  • New Features & Updates Added: Together, we identified impactful features and updates, including Funeral insurance, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), integration of new insurers like Ethias, Optimco, and Belfius Direct. All continue to have a strong impact on their business, ensuring the platform develops constantly.


By working closely together, through our diligent efforts in exploring and evaluating viable solutions and upgrades, we are thrilled about the great results we have achieved:

  • New record sales: In 2023, they achieved an all-time-high record sale on all the products that we enhanced. It is also reflected in the fivefold increase in revenue compared to the previous year.
  • Enhanced User Conversion: The optimized platform proved to be more user-friendly, resulting in a higher percentage of visitors converting into satisfied users.
  • Improved Platform Performance: Optimizing the tech stack resulted in quicker platform runtimes, elevating the overall user experience to new heights.

  • Scaled Customer Support: With a more efficient system in place, the customer support team successfully scaled up, boosting user satisfaction and increasing the number of signed contracts.

  • Decreased Azure-related costs: We analyzed and identified unnecessary Azure spend, lowering costs and ensuring overall operational efficiency.
  • Collaboration and Trust: Our collaborative partnership with fostered trust, support, and forward thinking. We value their people-first approach, open-mindedness, and professionalism, making our future secure and prosperous. Together, we contribute to making the world a better place.



Based on our prosperous collaboration and the great results, discover the client’s perspective:

Partnering with Expert Network was a game-changer. Their deep understanding of our project needs, dedication, and flexibility proved pivotal. With them, we optimized project velocity, enhanced platform performance, and achieved a substantial increase in revenue. The team’s commitment, true advisory role, and open communication instill trust in our future collaborations. I feel safe and confident progressing with the Experts!

Kenneth Vansina,
Managing Director

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